How has Canada’s decades-old gender pension hole modified?

Over time, each the GWG and the labour pressure participation of girls have decreased in Canada. Girls are contributing financially to their pensions as they work and earn more cash. And but, in comparison with males, ladies obtain a considerably decrease retirement revenue.

The scarce analysis on the GPG level to a number of causes behind its persistence.

Deeply ingrained gender norms and discriminatory practices might assist to clarify the hole, as pension payouts are largely depending on the monetary contributions of staff.

After having kids, ladies are extra probably than males to depart the workforce (quickly or completely), work fewer years over the course of their careers, work part-time to steadiness caregiving duties, and make much less cash general than males (as a result of GWG).

The GPG could be seen as one of many GWG’s many repercussions on the long-term financial safety of girls.