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Anjali Nambiar


The statutory medical insurance system ensures well being protection to nearly all of the German inhabitants. Based on the worth of solidarity, it pioneered the Bismarckian social medical insurance mannequin of well being methods. Its construction is characterised by self-governance of stakeholders, collective negotiations and joint choice making. Whereas socio-political components have been concerned within the genesis of the system and knowledgeable its underlying construction, financial concerns necessitated the introduction of competition-based rules. Within the course of, regulatory reforms step by step launched well being system options that carefully resemble the capabilities of managed competitors as conceptualised by well being economist, Alain C. Enthoven. The introduction and implementation of those regulatory reforms have confronted a number of limitations and challenges. The incremental adoption of managed competitors within the system reveals the battle between long-standing methods of governance and reforms geared toward addressing effectivity issues.

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Nambiar, Anjali. “Incremental Adoption of Managed Competitors in Germany.” 2022. Dvara Analysis.


Nambiar, Anjali. 2022. “Incremental Adoption of Managed Competitors in Germany.” Dvara Analysis.